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Thanks Michigan

I hope everyone is now getting ready for the next holiday on the calendar – Thanksgiving.  What a great holiday!  Being able to live my DREAM makes me thankful for every day.  I’m thankful for all of you fans and I’m thankful for everyone that comes out to listen to me share my story.  This year has been full of awesome experiences.  From Georgia to Texas, Canada to West Virginia, I’ve been blessed to spend time with so many wonderful groups of people.

This past weekend was another one filled with great blessings.  The folks in Swartz Creek and Grand Blanc, MI went out of their way to make me feel welcome and showed some true Midwestern hospitality.  From the schools on Friday to the prayer breakfast on Saturday, church on Sunday and then the Al Serra dealership on Monday I felt at home.  Thanks again for all the encouraging messages and posts!

The news folks were tremendous and I appreciate their thinking that a 3 foot tall, less than 100 pound guy was worthy of coming out to see.  Here are some of the articles and video clips from the weekend:

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ORCA A Huge Blessing For Me

I am so proud to announce a new partner on board with Team Dyer!  ORCA (Outdoor Recreation Company of America) is a new company with their first products coming off the production line now.  And get this…they are all made in America, right up there in Sparta, TN.  How awesome is that?  The guys that own the company are big-time fishermen and have started with a bang by producing some awesome coolers.  Work is in progress on additional product lines and I am so excited about all of this.  The Lord has truly blessed me with the privilege of representing ORCA and the craftsmanship of American workers.

I toured the plant (they are produced at the same factory as Jackson Kayak) and saw the attention to the detail and quality control in place.  Rotational molding is not easy to do but these guys know their stuff.  Top quality coolers are such an invaluable piece of gear these days, especially for fishermen.  The one I am standing on here was tested in the Grand Canyon and they did their best to beat the stew out of it.  It got dirty but held its own.

This opportunity will allow me to fish a few more tournaments in 2013 and with their help we will impact more peoples’ lives in the coming years.  I will be happy to talk with all of you about their products as well as my other great sponsors.  I will let you all know on Facebook where and when you can check the coolers out.  Go ahead and Like their Facebook page –


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So blessed

I feel so blessed by the events of 2012. It has been a wonderful year. I am getting to fish a little bit more than last year so that is great right?!

This week I am in Charlotte, NC getting some of the fishing rust off and practicing for the 2nd Southern Open of the year. I fly out Thursday to be with the folks in Monroe City, Indiana and then return Sunday for the tournament.

The speaking engagements this year have been a huge blessing too. I have met so many awesome people and hope they will all keep in touch on here or more easily, on Facebook.

Thanks for all the support!

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Back fishing at last!

I am back from Florida and feeling so good about my first experience fishing on the BASS circuit in a long while.  We had a great trip and I could not ask to spend a week with a better travel partner (Bill), fishing friends and fellow competitors.  It was so exciting to be back out on tour and getting to chase green fish around.  Practice was a blast and I got to work out the rust built up from being out of action for a while.

On both days of the event I had the misfortune of losing big fish but it was awesome to know I found some good areas and got to see a lot of fish caught.  There is no feeling in the world like getting a bite and setting the hook!  Even though I didn’t get to cross the weigh-in stage and drop a big bag off to be weighed it was still an awesome event.

Thanks to everyone that wished we well on Facebook and for the new friends I met down in Florida.

I am excited about the upcoming event this weekend in Centerville, TN and seeing family up there.  From the looks of the calendar February is going to be busy and the Lord will bring many new people into my life.

If I can, you can!