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Hello everyone. We are talking about the acronym D.R.E.A.M. as we continue this monthly blog. Today we are on the letter E, which stands for Effort. Show up and give it your best.

How do I explain Effort to you in 500 words when it would be easier to show you in person? Maybe you could watch a video of me fishing or going through my daily routines. I try and put quality content on my Facebook page to encourage people to make an Effort and you could look at that. But if I just did that I wouldn’t be making my best Effort with this blog platform that was given to me. See where I am going with this? I give everything 100% Effort.

Every opportunity to give my best is an opportunity to live my D.R.E.A.M. You get opportunities to give your best, too. The first step is recognizing those opportunities. Identify something in your life that really “takes it out of you.” Maybe it is a small task, a person, a daily piece of drudgery that you dread having to deal with. Start there.

Now give that one thing your best Effort. Do that one small thing better than you ever have before. Look for ways to absolutely wow people with the intensity you put into it. Make it a challenge. Here’s an example.

How many of you enjoy changing out treble hooks? I think my friend Kevin VanDam actually enjoys switching hooks on his Strike King crankbaits but, for most, it is a chore. I used to see it as a mountain of a chore to be avoided or delegated at all costs! If you want to put yourself in my shoes, lay out a crankbait, put a pair of pliers in your mouth and bend your right elbow. Now using the pliers and your elbow take an old treble hook off a split-ring and put a fresh one back on – without permanently maiming yourself or losing a pint of blood. You’ll want to wear safety goggles. You might want to try it without kids around because it will drive even a preacher to strong language.

I still remember sitting in my boat with hooks; stuck in my arm, in my face, popping out of the pliers, lying all over the place – everywhere but back on the split ring. Did I give up? No. Did it happen overnight? No, but finally after years of practice I am proficient.  And every time I sling a big 6XD toward a ledge, I get a little confidence boost knowing I conquered the challenge and the Effort it took.

Show up and give it your best. Tackle that one thing that wears on you with renewed enthusiasm this week and let me know how it goes for you.

Next month we will talk about the A in D.R.E.A.M.

Remember – If I can, you can. God bless


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