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Thanks Michigan

I hope everyone is now getting ready for the next holiday on the calendar – Thanksgiving.  What a great holiday!  Being able to live my DREAM makes me thankful for every day.  I’m thankful for all of you fans and I’m thankful for everyone that comes out to listen to me share my story.  This year has been full of awesome experiences.  From Georgia to Texas, Canada to West Virginia, I’ve been blessed to spend time with so many wonderful groups of people.

This past weekend was another one filled with great blessings.  The folks in Swartz Creek and Grand Blanc, MI went out of their way to make me feel welcome and showed some true Midwestern hospitality.  From the schools on Friday to the prayer breakfast on Saturday, church on Sunday and then the Al Serra dealership on Monday I felt at home.  Thanks again for all the encouraging messages and posts!

The news folks were tremendous and I appreciate their thinking that a 3 foot tall, less than 100 pound guy was worthy of coming out to see.  Here are some of the articles and video clips from the weekend: